Queens to the rescue! Drag Race trailblazer GottMik previews the latest edition of 'Drive 'N Drag'

May 12, 2021 | MK Scott
Queens to the rescue! Drag Race trailblazer GottMik previews the latest edition of 'Drive 'N Drag'

Fun is finally returning to the Seattle area! The latest, much-anticipated "Drive 'N Drag" event debuts this weekend at the Southcenter Mall parking lot.

Joining the cast of the all-new "Drive 'N Drag Saves 2021" will be GottMik and Rosé, two finalists from Season 13 of RuPaul's Drag Race, along with the luminous Asia O'Hara, the incredible she-hulk Kameron Michaels, the dazzling Naomi Smalls, the winged warrior Plastique, the seductive villain Violet Chachki and, playing the role of "The Super Thot," Vanessa Vanjie.

"Drive 'N Drag" launched in July 2020 in response to the pandemic and has played to capacity crowds in multiple cities across the U.S.A. More than 200,000 people have had the opportunity to experience a live drag show featuring their favorite RuPaul's stars from the safety of their vehicles. In the show's new springtime edition, "Drive 'N Drag Saves 2021," audience members can finally ditch their cars if they wish and enjoy the show from socially distanced, eight-foot-square party patios! These VIP Patios are much closer to the stage and the queens, allowing for a true outdoor concert vibe. (Note: Patio tickets were extremely limited at press time.)

To tell you the truth, having interviewed various RDR alums over the years, I really had no desire to do another one, until it was ruVealed that GottMik had been added to the mix. GottMik was the most talked-about cast member all last season for being the first Trans man to compete. As I was preparing I learned her mentor is Season 12 fave Gigi Gorgeous.

So, I sent her some questions via email, and here's what I got back earlier this week. (Responses were lightly edited for clarity.)

MK Scott: Welcome to Seattle! As the first Trans man on RuPaul's Drag Race, how has that experience changed you?

GottMik: Thank you so much, I'm so excited to be in Seattle!! Being the first Trans man on Drag Race has truly opened my eyes to how important visibility is. Being your most authentic self is so powerful for not only you but for so many people out there trying to discover themselves.

MKS: I bet it was an even more wonderful experience ending up in the Top Three.

GM: Ending up in the top three truly was mind-blowing. I don't think people understand how I grew up being told that I wasn't allowed to do this, and then to be standing next to RuPaul in the finale just proved that the box society tries to force on us doesn't exist.

MKS: Did you have a favorite challenge or moment that meant something to you?

GM: Winning Snatch Game was definitely crazy. Watching Drag Race for years and always looking forward to the Snatch Game, I never pictured myself winning. So that was definitely one of the first major pinch-me moments I had on the show.

MKS: Tell me about the "Drive 'N Drag" show.

GM: "Drive 'N Drag" is the most fun I have ever had. (Ask me if I feel the same way after 50 more shows with these bitches though!) Everyone from the queens to the dancers to the production has been so welcoming. We truly are like a crazy little traveling circus of a family and I'm so honored to be here doing what I love with some of the most talented queens in the world.

MKS: Tell me about Gigi Gorgeous. What has her friendship meant to you?

GM: Gigi Gorgeous is the most magical angel of life I have ever met. Without her presence in my life I don't think I'd be where I am today. She taught me how to be vulnerable and open about my life and transition and she was there standing by my side every step of the way and will continue to do so forever.

MKS: What is next for you?

GM: The amount of artistry that I'm planning on doing in the near future is just unexplainable, really. I have such a hunger to make my mark on this world - I want to do everything from tours and music to philanthropy and panels and public speaking about my journey. The fact that I possess the power to help people by just talking about what I've been through is so amazing to me and I'm so honored to be able to do what I do.

* * *

As always, the live production will feature festive décor, concert style stage and lighting, Jumbotron screens, and sound pumped out from the stage and through every car via FM transmitters. Food and beverages are available from gourmet food trucks, and limited-edition merchandise featuring your favorite queens will be available too!

"Drive 'N Drag Saves 2021" tickets are available now at https://vossevents.com/drive-n-drag/. Prices start at $75 per car for two people.

Westfield Southcenter, Tukwila
May 14 through 16, 7 & 9:30 p.m.