'Mommie' Peaches Christ Returns to Host Annual fundraiser

December 2, 2021 | MK Scott
'Mommie' Peaches Christ Returns to Host Annual fundraiser

On Thursday, December 9th, Drag legend Peaches Christ returns to Seattle for the first time since before the pandemic to engage in some riotous hosting buffoonery as TDBC presents MOMMIE DEAREST, the campy, queer, Joan Crawford-centric cult classic. And, we're taking it up a notch by making in audience participation. We'll have goodie bags and instructions for each and every audience member to help you navigate the insanity that we're putting together.

I had a a chance speak to Peaches (Joshua Grannell) this past week via email.

MK Scott: What about Mommie Dearest attracts you the most?

Peaches Christ: It's a classic! It's part of the holy camp triumvirate of required queer movie worship, sandwiched between Valley Of The Dolls and Showgirls! It's extreme and decadent and I'd argue that it's a very good movie with great performances. I love Faye Dunaway in this movie. She's brilliant.

MK: What was Joan Crawford's Best trait? What was her worst trait?

Peaches: Her best trait was probably her ambition and drive. Her worst trait was probably being a shitty mother.

MK: Is Joan a true villain?

Peaches:I mean, I wasn't there. I can't possibly know for sure, but I do think that perhaps she gets a bad wrap. It's true, she was probably an overbearing and strict mother but I'm not sure that she was a villain.

MK: If you one Holiday gift to give to someone, who would it be?

Peaches: My partner, Nihat.

MK: it has been a few years since you brought one of your shows up to Seattle will that start up again in 2023?

Peaches: Maybe? The last couple of years have made planning for things really challenging but my hope is that we may even get back up there before 2023 and do something in 2022. Fingers crossed.

MK: If you wrote your memoir, what would be your title?

Peaches: The Passion Of The Christ

You can get tickets one of three ways: $25 access tickets for students, seniors, and low income patrons; $50 for a ticket to the screening; and $70 for a ticket and a special meet and greet with Peaches Christ herself!

Show starts 7pm at the SIFF Egyptian Theatre (805 E. Pine Street, Seattle).


This is a fundraiser and all proceeds from the event benefit TDBC's year-long mission!

Proof of vaccination and masking will be required at this event, and all events until further notice