Boy Mike's Fab-Gab Winter 2022

January 6, 2022 | Boy Mike
Boy Mike's Fab-Gab Winter 2022

Greetings to all my readers of my new social column "Boy Mike's Fab-Gab" in Unite Seattle Magazine so put on your high heels and wigs we're about to get started!

Disney Rocks MoPop!
I have never been to the MoPop Museum except to their fabulous gift shop (that sells everything from Nirvana T-shirts to RuPaul's Drag Race books.) I was especially excited to go since it was my birthday week and I was still celebrating plus the Disney Heroes and Villains Costume Exhibition was still on display at the museum located at Seattle Center.

I was pushing my friend Cindy Speare (who was recovering from knee surgery) in a wheelchair so we didn't spend as much time at the museum to give it a proper and full review. However, we did check out the Fantasy Room, which is a permanent display. Judy Garland's Dorothy dress, Bert Lahr's Cowardly Lion costume and Margaret Hamilton's Wicked Witch of the West hat, all from The Wizard of Oz, were pristine and on display behind thick protective glass! It's hard to believe those costumes are in such good condition after 82 years! It was a thrill to see them!

The Disney selection of 70 costumes featured, Johnny Depp's swashbuckling Captain Jack Sparrow garb, Glenn Close's Cruella DeVil costumes which were deliciously devilish. Terrifying Angelina Jolie's Maleficent costume was so big it practically need its own room! I got chills when I saw Julie Andrew's original Mary Poppins "traveling outfit" complete with umbrella, hat, wig, shoes and scarf. (I was lucky enough to have spent some private time with Miss Andrew's at Disneyland in 2005 during Disneyland's 50th Anniversary so seeing the costume had a special meaning to me). They included the "Mary Poppins Returns" frock but it just doesn't have the magic as the one in the original movie has.

They unfortunately chose to throw in way too many costumes from Oprah Winfrey's completely botched stinkeroo movie "A Wrinkle in Time." I was looking at Oprah's costume for the film and it looked so tiny! I don't know how she squeezed her fat ass into it without breaking it! HA! I guess the camera really does add 20 pounds! 

The most beautiful design award goes to Cinderella's blue ball gown and glass slippers. I must have examined it for 10 minutes! It was pure spectacle and magic.

There is so much more to see and do at the MoPop. I was too tired after 2 hours of pushing that wheelchair on carpeting, we decided to hit a happy hour and save the rest of the museum for another day. Displays change regularly so call before you buy your tickets to see what's on special display! 325 fifth Ave N; 2067702799;

The New LeFeux Shines
I was lucky enough to spend my birthday at Julia's on Broadway with my friend Mark Holman watching their new cabaret show. "The best show this side of anywhere!" Yes, the rumors are true! Instagram has been burning up that the one and only diva himself, Sean Paul, has returned to Julia's on Broadway to star once again in LeFaux. In celebration of my birthday, owner Eladio was so kind to roll out the red carpet for myself and a photographer into Julia's to see the new cast in the revamped and all new Vegas style show. Sean Paul is known for his dead ringer impersonations of Dolly Parton, Michael Jackson, and Madonna. Not to mention he is a top notch emcee. For now he is only doing Dolly and co-emceeing with Sasha, who I met in San Diego years ago. Sasha is a great hostess and a first rate comedian. She really gets the crowd involved in the show! At one point having audience members get on stage dressed as the Village People doing a hysterical (and drunken) version of the YMCA. One of the audience members was even pregnant and still danced her heart out!

The show doesn't focus on celebrity look-alikes as much as it did in the past. Even though we did see Adele and Dolly strut their stuff, the show is more about divas and glamour goddesses doing invigorating dance numbers that the crowd ate up. Diamond St. James really worked the audience into a frenzy with her dance routine to Tina Turner's 'Disco Inferno'. It was nice to see my old pal Jacqueline Hyde doing a great burlesque routine. Hey Eladio! How about a male burlesque or stripper dancer too? You can also have dinner during the show!

The audience left with smiles on their faces, a great and memorable time was had by all. Julia's is also a great place to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, divorces, bachelorette parties, etc. Reservations are strongly recommended. 206-334-0514; 300 Broadway E Seattle, WA

Dress You Up
Support our locally owned gay businesses by shopping at Panache Clothing Co and the New York Xchange on Broadway. They cater to everyone from local musicians, drag queens, ravers, gothic gear and more! They have large size shoes, wigs, lashes, feather boas, pride gear, outrageous outfits and accessories! The owners have had nearly a dozen shops on Broadway since opening The Cramp in 1986. 206-726-3300;; 225 Broadway E Seattle, WA

,Where the Boys Are
They are at Steamwork's Baths Seattle for "Boyz Night" (formally known as "Twink Night"). It is every Thursday night starting at 4 PM and going till Friday morning at 4 AM. If you are 25 and under you get into the club for free! It includes a free 8 hour locker rental and a complimentary one day membership. You can also upgrade to a room for an additional fee. Remember safe sex is the best sex! It's very important to support our locally owned and operated gay businesses! By the way managers Chris and Dave are total sweet hearts! 1520 Summit Avenue;206-388-4818

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