After 28 Amazing Years, President & CEO Louise Chernin is Retiring

September 18, 2020 | Louise Chernin
After 28 Amazing Years, President & CEO Louise Chernin is Retiring

A decision may be both right and difficult at the same time, which is true of my decision to retire as President & CEO of GSBA, a position I have held for nearly 19 years. It is not an overstatement to say that serving in a leadership role in GSBA has been one of the most impactful, fulfilling, and life-changing experiences of my life.

Given the strength and visionary leadership in GSBA, with its outstanding Board, currently under the expert leadership of Stephanie Dallas; an extraordinary and talented staff, that works tirelessly on behalf of our small business members and students and a membership committed to doing good through business, I step down, confident that GSBA is in good hands. As for me, I am not going anywhere. This is my community, which I love. My role is changing but not my commitment to social justice.

The Board of Directors has appointed a search committee of GSBA Board and community members, which will be led by Board Treasurer Carolyn Hojaboom. The committee will oversee a national search to ensure an inclusive and successful recruiting process for the next President and CEO. We have retained Campbell & Company, a national consulting firm for nonprofits, to lead the search process.

This is an incredible professional opportunity, please spread the word to a wide range of diverse, prospective candidates and encourage them to apply. You may send nominations and applications to

We value your input and want to hear from you!

GSBA is in place to welcome new leadership during this time of great challenge and huge opportunity to address the economic disparities within our state and nation. GSBA is stable, sound, and well positioned to continue the important work that still needs to be done. Please stay tuned for an invitation early next year to introduce our new President & CEO to the community.

For the future,